Current Programs and Events

Youth-Led Campaigns

Youth V. Oil

Find your power! Youth v. Oil consists of 25 high school climate activists from all over San Diego county working together to create a fossil fuel-free future for all. The goal of this campaign is to persuade Governor Newsom to limit/outlaw fracking permits, thus moving us toward an environmentally sustainable and just future in California.

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Plastic Free Gen Z

Despite plastic pollution being one of the most well-known environmental issues of our time, plastic use and waste continues to grow in our communities and all over the world. As SanDiego350 youth, we can make a difference in this global crisis by helping our peers, schools, and communities change the way they use and approach single-use plastic materials.

Plastic Free Gen Z, Youth4Climate’s newest youth-led campaign, aims to bring high school students from across San Diego together to educate others about the plastic pollution crisis, advocate for anti-pollution legislation, and empower youth to stand up and make a difference in our plastic-wrapped world.

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Other Programs

Weekly Youth Calls

Find Your People! High School students gather virtually to share ideas, learn about climate issues, organizing, building community, and get inspired and empowered! Led by students. Each week students are assigned climate buddies based on students’ goals.

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Eco-Club Coalition

San Diego’s “Eco Club Coalition”, organized by Y4C and Youth v. Oil, is an inclusive and diverse group of high school environmental clubs from across the county. As a community of youth climate activists, we will use our collective power to mobilize students across San Diego and organize impactful events. The goals of this coalition are to provide adult support from SanDiego350, give trainings that will elevate the skill set of the club leaders, and present accessible resources. While we work together on local campaigns and projects, club representatives will participate in leadership workshops and form everlasting bonds with youth in San Diego.

Currently, the Eco Club Coalition meets once a month for an hour. The time and date of each meeting varies slightly, but they are typically held the last weekend of the month. Any environmental or climate related club is welcome to join our Coalition – no matter how big or small!!


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Internships and Fellowships

The Youth4Climate Fellowship is a 12-18 week program to train and empower paid high school fellows, organized by college interns. The current Youth4Climate Fellowship started in January of 2021 and will continue through the end of April.

Fellows build their professional and leadership skills by working to coordinate and bolster the Youth4Climate community. This term, each fellow works with a team of volunteers to address one the following areas: Education and Outreach, Media, Strategic Campaigns, and Volunteer Coordination. Through the fellowship program, the fellows enrich their knowledge of the climate crisis and take action on climate justice. We are proud to be able to support high school students in building skills in areas that include: professional and interpersonal communication, media creation, volunteer engagement, meeting facilitation, public speaking, event programming, and campaign development.

The Youth4Climate Interns work to support the high school volunteers and fellows. Interns develop fellowship trainings, provide leadership skills resources, work with high school students one to one, coordinate events, keep up the website, and implement inclusivity policies for the community.

Meet Our Current Interns And Fellows On The SanDiego350 Staff page!

Past Programs and Events

Summer Camp (Virtual)

Summer 2020. The world is on fire, and youth are on the frontlines of demanding change.  Join a community of passionate, like-minded youth making a difference.

Look Back At Summer Camp 2020

Youth Climate Action Summit

One-day workshop designed to prepare youth to become climate leaders.  Included presentations about the current state of the climate, how to communicate about climate, how to build a movement, solutions to the climate crisis, climate justice issues, as well as self-care tips for climate activists.  In June, 2019, the summit was attended by youth from 20 high schools around the San Diego area; in April, 2020 and April, 2021, the program was delivered online.

View recording of the Spring 2021 Youth4Climate: Leaders in Action Summit

Youth Climate Strikes

On Friday, Sept 20, 2019, 4,000 students from over 20 high schools and universities around San Diego County walked out of school to demand climate action in conjunction with the global climate strikes associated with #FridaysforFuture.

The first Y4C Summit in 2019
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