Team Overview:

The Y4C Media Team is focused on getting the word out about what the Youth4Climate community is up to and engaging with youth and climate groups on social media.  We believe that communicating the climate crisis and our work to reverse it is an essential component of getting people to join the movement. 

What We’re Working On:

  • We will be brainstorming potential campaigns and  creating visual graphics for promoting activities and events through social media. 
  • We work on weekly digital newsletters to spotlight what different teams are up to and let people know how to get involved.

What Volunteers Do:

  • Apply graphic design to help promote events, highlight wins in the climate community, and educate youth through infographics
  • Make connections and communicate with other youth to best formulate updates and outreach for weekly newsletters
  • Develop Y4C’s social media to create a diverse and inclusive platform for all youth

Team Accomplishments:

We have hit over 900 followers on our Instagram page @youth4climate.350 and are always looking to grow our platform!

Fun Fact:

We love implementing our design creativity and drive towards our work in the climate movement!

How To Get Involved:

The media team works on a one-to-one basis to fit the schedules on all its members and provide more flexibility with meeting times. To get involved, fill out SD350’s Volunteer Interest Form and tick “Y4C Media ” under the Youth4Climate volunteer team section. You can also contact Evalyse Estradaflores at for more information!

Social Media:

Instagram: @youth4climate.350

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