Eco clubs uniting together to create change!

What We Do

The Eco-Club Coalition (ECC), sponsored by  Youth4Climate welcomes high school environmental clubs from across the country. ECC is an inclusive and diverse group of students that meets monthly to provide support and guidance. By youth and for youth, ECC is a community of youth committed to addressing the climate crisis. We strategize together to discover the best ways to use  our collective power to mobilize students and organize impactful events. The ECC us designed to help you establish a new eco-club or take your existing club to the next level. We provide you with the resources and mentorship to strengthen your club so you can take on more powerful actions. Our voices are more powerful together! Join the ECC today!

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Are you a part of an eco-club? Do you want to create one? Join us for the Eco-Club Coalition: Leaders in Action Workshop to learn more about how to take your eco-club to the next level!

This workshop includes:

  1. Expert and inspirational speakers who will help share their knowledge and experience!
  2. Hands-on exercises to help you engage and recruit your members!
  3. Fun social activities so you can connect with other students that share your interests and passions!
  4. A JEDI (Justice-Equity-Diversity-Inclusion) training so you can design your club to be more diverse and inclusive! 
  5. Opportunities to learn more about the intersection of climate justice + environmental equity!
  6. Plus the chance for you to talk to experienced youth mentors so you can learn from them!

About the Coalition

Currently, the Eco Club Coalition meets once a month for an hour. The time and date of each meeting vary slightly, but they are typically held the last weekend of the month. Any environmental or climate-related club is welcome to join our coalition – no matter how big or small!!

Opportunities to:

  • Attend the ECC Leaders in Action Workshop (virtual 2-1/2 hour summit) on 8/28/21 (REGISTER HERE!)
  • Get in on regional in-person actions organized to gain power in numbers: demonstrations, protests, strikes, etc. (district wide, city wide, school wide) 
  • Build Connections: networking, knowledge sharing, skill building: TOGETHER! 
  • Get connected to a mentor: with our mentorship program comprised of:  college students, Y4C adult volunteers, and experienced high school students.
  • Express yourself! Learn how to use your voice through policy initiatives: opportunities for involvement in the city and public policy work
  • Put your passions to work for you:  incorporate environmental work with your passions + on college apps! (Plus, earn community service hours!)

Check out our instagram: ecc.y4c


Our Eco-Club DIY Handbook!

Our DIY Handbook is an online resource that gives you all the tools you need for your eco-club, complete with tips, activities, actions, and more!

Eco-Clubs in the Coalition:

  • Crawford High Wildlife Conservation Club

  • Bonita Vista High – Eco-Fashion Club

  • High Tech High Media Arts – Students for the Environment

  • Carlsbad High – Green Club & the Carlsbad Clean-Up Crew Club

  • Patrick Henry High – Environmental Club

  • Rancho Bernardo High School – Save the Planet Club

  • San Marcos High – Sierra Club 

  • Point Loma High School- Greenpeace Club

  • Bonita Vista High – Eco-Fashion Club

  • Torrey Pines HS- Nature Preservation Society

  • Mission Bay High School- Eco Club

  • Canyon Crest Academy- Eco Club

  • Diamond Bar High School- Endangered Species Club

  • Hilltop High- Environmental Justice & Sustainability Club

  • Sage Creek High School- Environmental Club

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