Chula Vista Climate Action

Chula Vista Climate Action is a largely youth-led group advocating for a sustainable and equitable future in Chula Vista through public policy advocacy, climate education, and community engagement, for community members of all ages.

  • Provide climate education to high school and middle school students.
    Partnering with South Bay Sustainable Communities to help build eco clubs and composting programs in high schools and middle schools.
  • Host community engagement events like town hall meetings and participating in community outreach events, like the Lemon Festival and other community events.
  • In partnership with Kumeyaay Community College, hosted a field trip to the Living Coast Discovery Center where we learned about Indigenous approaches to sustainability and resilience.
  • Provide civic engagement opportunities where community members have the opportunity to have their voices heard on important policy issues, such as green bins, public transit, and public health.
  • Reported to the Chula Vista Sustainability Commission on survey findings from our town hall meetings and other public engagement. Here are our findings presented by Abby Costello, Rita Montano, and Lexi Rueff.

Electrification in Sweetwater

  • Youth and community partners successfully advocated for the Sweetwater Union High School District to pass an electrification resolution, that includes big wins like: 
    • all new buildings and modernization projects will be built all-electric!
    • installation of electric vehicle charging and battery storage systems on all new construction projects
    • a Green Jobs curriculum for students
    • evaluate pathways to electrify existing district buildings and report back to the public
    • by January 2035, electrify district maintenance vehicles and bus fleets, and  phase out the use of fossil fuels from all district infrastructure

School Actions

September school actions, including: 

  • Held school actions in collaboration with Fridays for Future, where we urged Gov. Newsom to phase out oil drilling. (pictured right: Hilltop High School action)
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