Do you run an eco-club? Are you currently thinking about starting an eco-club?
Are you currently looking to improve your club, or make it more sustainable?
The Eco-Club Leaders in Action Workshop (ECCLAW) is here to help!

Are You Ready for ECCLAW?

Eco-Club Coalition: Leaders in Action Workshop features:

  • Expert speakers
  • Hands-on excercises
  • fun social activities
  • Community-building
  • JEDI training
  • Eco-Club Mentors
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Why youth?

  • Youth are leaders of today!
  • We can fight for our future, spread awareness of critical issues, and make our voices heard
  • We have the most to lose due to the climate crisis. 
  • Youth have the skills and perspectives needed to protect the planet. 
  • Let’s unite to fight the climate crisis...together!

Why create an eco-club?

  • Eco clubs can take action to prevent the worst effects of climate disruption.
  • Your voice matters--starting an Eco-Club is one of the best ways you can take action
  • Create a club focused on taking meaningful actions that go beyond curriculum!
  • You have the power to harness energy on your campus to influence your community to take urgent action!

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Eco-Club Mentors


If you are a college student, you’re welcome to join Y4C’s Eco-Club Coalition and Leaders in Action Workshop. You also have the opportunities to apply to the Mentorship Program, where you’ll work to inspire high school students, bolster your leadership skills through trainings, and build your resume with real-world, hands-on experience. Connect with other college students while developing your passion! For more information, visit the mentorship page.

Program Overview




Recruitment & Engagement

Panel of youth speakers with a live Q&A 

Hear from other youth leaders on their experiences and best methods to launch your club! 

Find Your Passions 

D.I.Y.  Roadmap

Discover the hottest topics your members are most interested in and put them into practice. 

Make an Impact! 

Creative Collaboration 

Have the opportunity to work with a mentor and set goals for your club! 

Inspire Others 

Hear from some Amazing speakers! 

Learn how you can encourage and pump up your club to take meaningful action. Build a community!

Build Resilience 

Try something new! Yoga, Journaling, Dancing, Poetry, Mindfulness, or Music!

Try some resilience exercises to learn how to avoid burnout and bring joy to your activities!

Meet our Volunteers!

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