Waves of Change Summit

The Youth4Climate Summer 2023 Summit took place on August 19, 2023 at the WorldBeat Cultural Center.  It was designed for high school and college students interested in honing their skills as an activist of any kind. Participants attended multiple engaging workshops and activities aimed at fueling collaborative efforts to envision a climate-friendly future, build local movements and combat eco-anxiety in a nourishing and positive way.

Participants left with skills they can apply to any aspect of the progressive movement that they feel passionately about and a concrete plan to implement them in their schools and/or communities. Such skills include:

  • Understanding the critical intersections between climate and other social justice issues
  • Collaborating with like-minded and ambitious individuals to envision a tangible and eco-friendly future
  • Constructively communicating with others about climate change 
  • Creating effective and strategic campaigns
  • Building local movements in one’s community 
  • Gaining insight into healthy methods of dealing with eco-anxiety 

Workshops and speeches were given by experienced climate justice organizers and leaders. The event opened with a Native American speaker and an SDSU professor. Participants heard how climate change impacts minority groups from a diverse and inspiring panel of presenters from various local organizations, who provided opportunities to directly support environmental justice communities.

Adults – especially teachers – were also welcome to attend to learn how they can support youth in creating waves of change. 

Pictures from the event:

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