We are a volunteer-led organization empowering youth to fight climate change. Explore all our volunteer teams below!  When you’re ready to join, click the button below to fill out our Volunteer Interest Form.  (Under the heading “what volunteer teams are you interested in”, we are in the “Youth4Climate” section.)

Strategic Campaign Teams

Plastic Free Gen Z – Educates others about the plastic pollution crisis and advocates for solutions

Despite plastic pollution being one of the most well-known environmental issues of our time, plastic use and waste continues to grow in our communities and all over the world. As SanDiego350 youth, we can make a difference in this global crisis by helping our peers, schools, and communities change the way they use and approach single-use plastic materials.

Plastic Free Gen Z, Youth4Climate’s newest youth-led campaign, aims to bring high school students from across San Diego together to educate others about the plastic pollution crisis, advocate for anti-pollution legislation, and empower youth to stand up and make a difference in our plastic-wrapped world.

Youth v. Oil – Works to phase out oil extraction in California and supports communities most impacted by the drilling.

Find your power! Youth v. Oil consists of 25 high
school climate activists from all over San Diego county working together to create a fossil fuel-free future for all. The goal of this campaign is to persuade Governor Newsom to limit/outlaw fracking permits, thus moving us toward an environmentally sustainable and just future in California.

Core Teams

Adult Volunteer team

Education and Outreach Team – Creates and presents educational content about the climate crisis

Media Team – Gets the word out about Y4C happenings through social media

Volunteer Coordination Team – Helps incoming Y4C volunteers get involved with our programs and helps plan the Weekly Calls

Adult Support Team – Collaborates with youth participating in Y4C programs, such as by assisting with project management. Provides continuity during youth team changes between semesters and breaks.

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