Youth4Climate Summer Camp - Weekly Content

SESSION I: June 29 - July 24
Becoming a Youth Climate Leader

Week 1: Find Your People and Learn Climate Basics

  • Introductions and Camp Overview
  • Youth Empowerment
  • Understanding the problem, including: the basic science and urgency; environmental justice; the opposition; and, climate impacts
  • Activity: Discover the power of connection, explore your strengths, build relationships

Week 2: Finding Your Voice

  • Psychology of communicating climate
  • Talking about the climate crisis so folks listen
  • Environmental, health, & economic impacts
  • Using effective climate metaphors
  • Connecting to your joy and grief
  • Activity: create art (or video, song, written word) with your unique voice and share

Week 3: Visioning a Sustainable Future

  • Exploring scientific and economic solutions
  • Perspective on the future & systemic change
  • Creating the world we want want to see
  • The quest for climate justice and developing a secular ethic on climate change
  • Activity: create a Vision board

Week 4: Individual & Civic Actions

  • Advocacy, storytelling, and persuasion
  • Speaking with elected officials
  • Find your passion: what calls you to action?
  • Activity: create a humorous skit to highlight limiting beliefs that prevent action

SESSION II: July 27 - August 21
Building Your Power for Change

Week 1: Your Place in the Movement

  • History of youth and justice movements in the US. How and why did they work?
  • Starting or strengthening your eco-club
  • Virtual action ideas and group projects
  • Activity: Use online personality screening tools to explore your personality and strengths: what kind of activist are you?

Week 2: Understanding Your Power

  • Organizing teammates to step up & take action
  • Running great meetings
  • Giving constructive feedback
  • Being inclusive
  • Connecting with “one-on-one” meetings
  • Activity: create a PSA either as an infographic or music video to promote your project

Week 3: Stepping into Your Power

  • Planning an event
  • Advanced tactics & how to create a campaign
  • Emotional resilience for sustained involvement
  • Making it FUN and practicing joy!
  • Activity: put actions into practice and discover how to make an impact during shelter in place

Week 4: Designing Your Roadmap

  • Self care and a healthy club/activist culture
  • What’s next? Careers, mentoring, volunteering, choosing a college major
  • Activity: design a personal or club roadmap with easy, step-by-step actions for the coming year

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