Team Overview:

The Volunteer Coordination team works to provide the best possible support to Youth4Climate’s volunteer teams, ensuring empowerment and inspiration through all aspects of our climate work.

What We’re Working On:

  • Meeting with incoming volunteers
  • Developing a clear and easy process for volunteers to get involved with our teams
  • Diversifying our outreach across all communities 

What Volunteers Do:

  • Perform outreach to our existing volunteers 
  • Help plan/facilitate weekly Thursday calls
  • Collaborating across all teams to ensure proper representation and dedication 

Team Accomplishments:

Volunteer Coordination recently planned/facilitated two consecutive Thursday calls, each extremely rewarding! We also have made great developments on our work to welcome volunteers from all across San Diego (and beyond!).

Fun Fact:

We all have adorable pets! 

How To Get Involved:

The Volunteer Coordination Team meets weekly on Wednesdays at 5 PM PST. To get involved, fill out SD350’s Volunteer Interest Form and tick “Y4C Volunteer Coordination” under the Youth4Climate volunteer team section. You can also contact Lexi Rueff at for more information!

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