Intersectional Changemakers

On October 9th, 2022, SanDiego350’s Youth4Climate hosted its fifth youth climate summit. We inspired and energized over 55 youth and adult supporters into action for climate! We could not have done it without …

Our incredible partners:
  • UC San Diego Climate Champions for co-hosting this event and providing scholarships
  • Green New Deal at UCSD for support and helping us secure the Climate Action Lab
And our generous supporters:
  • Birch Aquarium for free aquarium tickets and other giveaway items
  • UC San Diego CREATE
  • Earthways Foundation for their generous grant
  • AKB Marine Inc. for the t-shirts
  • Ocean Beach People’s Organic Food Co-op for the delicious and healthy snacks
Top reasons people were inspired to attend the Summit:
  • To meet other like-minded young people
  • To learn how to take action
  • To learn more about intersectionality


Professor Adam Aron of UC San Diego gives the top-rated plenary on climate science and activism.

Youth teach their peers how to organize climate rallies.

Youth craft their climate narratives during the most favored workshop, led by Y4C staff Blanca Lozano.

Participants share their visions for the future during an interactive activity.

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